Virtual/Hybrid Summer Camp Options (yes, even yours)

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Ready for summer camps?!

Great! ReVisionED opened with the goal of helping you find the best STEM programs/products available. We do the heavy lifting so you continually receive quality vetted programs.

Across all our programs, solutions cover you from Kindergarten – 12th Grade. All STEM solutions are based on age-appropriate understandings.

Programs include:
*Semi-Autonomous Vehicle
*Data Science
*Digital Animator
*Additive Manufacturing/3D Printer Badge
*Drone Navigator

Shhh.. (all the cool stuff parents want to experience as well!)

Our goal to connect the education industry creates unique and diverse partnerships opportunity. We’d love to chat with you soon about your unique programs!


Programs & Details


Lessons and ideas for daily 1-3 hour work projects for campers

Summer Long

Mix-and-match programs alternating throughout the summer. Allow campers more time to explore their creativity.

Custom Programs

We’ll meet with you and your team to help fit your needs and programs.

Program Options

*PBL programs that promote teamwork, collaboration, and more for future job skills.
*Camp configurations include — physical, virtual, or hybrid
*Some programs have additional physical products
*We assist with tech support & offer training

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Campers will take their imagination to the moon and back | Grade 3-12


The internet encompasses more password-protected material than open materials. We’ll explore how the internet uses codes and systems to protect sensitive information | Grade 3-5


11 sensors to engage with the world around you in the palm of your hand | Grade 4-8


Throughout this program, students will be exposed to robots and the Engineering Design Process. Students will work to solve a problem by identifying the problem, asking questions, and imagining how they can help solve the problem. | Grade 3-12


Using a mini self-driving (semi-autonomous) car, campers will learn high-demand industry skills such as python, machine-learning, data science, & AI.  |  Grade 3-12