Hi Teachers – We’re here to help!

STEM & STEAM Curriculum in your classroom

We’ve designed and curated curriculum’s that fit in with your existing schedule and works with your year-long planning. The curriculum can be experienced throughout the year and stay engaging where it doesn’t become repetitive. Our Curriculum is meant to be put directly into the classroom with ISTE, Common Core, and TEKS, that we have in place for our programs. 

Safety First! When working with drones or robotics and lots of pieces, a level of safety and awareness is needed. We help you stress the importance of safety at the beginning of introducing the curriculum to students.

Curriculum for Every Student

We set out to create curriculum and programs that any child can take part in. Workplaces, the economy, and works are diverse, so there’s no reason that everyone can’t have a seat at the table.

Looking to share your educational expertise?

Teachers! We’d love to interview you and learn more about how you are leveraging Education 4.0 in your classroom. It take a village to teach and learn, and we can’t do it without you.

Our team wants to interview you and get you in front of our audience. Use the chat to your right and set up a time to learn more!