Summer is one of the best times for children to learn about STEM.

How Our Curriculum Fits

Our STEM programs not only teach the fundamentals of STEM but builds the soft skills needed to succeed in life and future careers.

All of our curriculum options and focuses can be tailored to fit your summer camp format and strengths. Once students have the basics down on our curriculum, you can challenge them throughout the summer with different activities to engage. The students’ ability to think on their own, come up with challenges, and solve problems is ideal. You’ll be able to leave them with open-ended options to think critically and get creative.

From student lessons to hardware and training, ReVisionEd gives you all the tools you need to be successful and have your best Summer Camp ever.

Curriculum Options

Our STEM4ALL approach gives all students a chance to become engaged in STEM through these areas of focus. You can take any of our curriculum’s and customize them to your summer camp format.

  • Aero_STEM
  • 3D_STEM
  • Robo_STEM – our innovative “Simple Machines Robotics” program
  • IoT_STEM

Our team of experts can help create a program that is exciting for today’s children’s while maximizing the value and sustainability of Camp programs. Let one of our experienced staff members design a summer camp program that will allow you to add multiple STEM offerings.  We look forward to working with you to educate your Campers!

Getting Started

Training: Our team is there for you! We train your teachers to be ready to facilitate the curriculum and become familiar with everything. We also check in and work with everyone to have the best experience for the teachers and students. 

Equipment: We have it all. You’ll have what you need for success and our team is there for support and assistance should you need replacements.

Is your school district ready or do you have more questions?

We would love to chat with you and learn more about your school districts needs. Email to get started!