AutoAuto – Virtual


Grab a seat license and access your virtual car on the AutoAuto programming platform. Gain access to over 80 hours of educational content geared specifically towards the virtual simulation vehicle.

Each license works for each student to have their own login and account to track their progress. *Teachers, learn more below



Courses for the AutoAuto vehicle provide fun hands-on, project-based learning with miniature self-driving cars. Students will learn high-demand industry skills such as Python programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science through the application of self-driving cars.

Content is designed for grades 3rd and above.

Content is composed of collaborative labs and projects, which are done with the cars. In between labs and projects, there are individual lessons for the students.

The virtual AutoAuto vehicle can be commanded via our coding platform to move in four different directions, to pause, and to sound the horn among other actions. Moreover, it can also take pictures, detect objects such as pedestrian figurines, and autonomously drive within road lanes.

Projects involving the AutoAuto cars allow students to excel in programming, artificial intelligence, and engineering skills through problem-solving and collaboration with their peers.


NOTE – The physical car that you can purchase alongside the virtual platform and gain access to more hands-on content and over 180 hours of content for the physical & virtual vehicles.


*Teachers – you receive a free license and seat on the platform. If you are a teacher, send us a chat during business hours (bottom right) or email to access your discount.


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