Home-schooled children need STEM education, just like public school children do.  At ReVisionEd we are able to give options to Home-schooled children and their families that are on the cutting edge of STEM education. Our curriculum fits into any Home-school learning style or system and will allow your children to receive one of the best STEM education experiences on the market today.

For Home-school Students

Educating in real-world concepts is the basis for ReVisionEd’s educational philosophy.  Our Simple Machines Robotics program will not only give your students access to a high-quality STEM education but will do so using concepts that your students will be able to use in the real world.  We also offer Drone education that will teach your student the basic skills, concepts, and safety that are needed to operate a Drone.

Does your student want to learn how to code and 3D print? ReVisionEd’s CAD and 3D printing program can be taught anywhere you have access to a computer and 3D printer. We believe that home-schooled students should not have to forfeit access to these cutting edge and innovative programs.

For Home-school Educators

Our user-friendly Learning Management System gives the Home-school educator or leader a centralized point to download lessons. Our Home-school Specialist is there to coach and guides you through lesson plans and the technical aspects of teaching STEM. Our commitment to your success is important to us.