Gabriel Krizin, Co-Founder and CEO of ReVisionEd Inc has spent his life cultivating relationships in business. He is an Austin based Strategic Partnerships expert. He is able to see ways for all types of organizations to be able to mutually benefit and during his career has worked in many industries to learn and grow from each one. Gabriel has worked for large and small organizations that have allowed him the privilege to learn from some of the best brands, SolarCity/Tesla, Office Max, Walmart, and medium organizations like Strategic Payment Systems. Gabriel has excelled at learning new ideas, industries, processes, and now is learning new technologies. Gabriel is a happy father of three boys and lives in the Austin, Texas area. He is an active participant in the local business community and enjoys engaging in meaningful service. In his current role, he is creating the best partnerships to help bring K-12 technology education and blend Higher-Ed and governmental partnerships to create an eco-system that promotes local education to help the community overall. 

He currently is working with multiple Latin countries in education and STEM training and is participating in business with Colleges, Universities, and School districts to help provide technology pieces of training in many different impactful ways. 

Gabriel decided to open ReVisionEd Inc to pursue his passion working with educators in the technology world specifically the underrepresented communities. Gabriel feels that we need more engaged children in all aspects of technology women and the Rainbow community. Specifically, working with children in the school system or in other types of organizations. 

Gabriel’s business is about helping connect the connectors and the businesses to the right people or solutions that make everyone grow together.

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