Summer camp, Aftercare, University’s, and more – Looking for solutions to support your learning environment? We’ll work with you on your needs and objectives to create the ideal solution through the curriculum.

Our commitment to ensure every student has access to STEM education ensures we are looking at ways anyone can implement and learn through ReVisionED.

Summer camp & Aftercare

The STEM Curriculum offered can be adjusted to meet your scheduling demands. We’ll work with your team to help onboard everyone so they can facilitate and lead with the technology devices we offer.

Students can work in teams or self-paced on challenges and prompts to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and lessons.


Higher education is the bridge from K-12 to Career. A smooth transition through a students learning career ensures their readiness.

With innovative curriculum, we’re helping make sure students are ready for the next phase of their life. We’re partnering with those who are making a difference in Education as we move forward.


Give kids a hands-on opportunity to check out the curriculum and devices. Kids can walk through quick sample lessons to control a drone, drive a semi-autonomous car, or check key environmental data points at the event.