Imagine a program that would impact the way you teach, provide professional development, and amplify an inclusive STEM culture in your school or district. At ReVisionEd, our mission is creating and finding tools that change the way the world interacts with technology and STEM education.

We are building a bigger table where STEM education is approachable, comprehensive, and inclusive at all levels to EVERY teacher and the student.

That is why we are excited and energized to partner with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to provide expanded offerings that will impact your classroom practice, build upon your current knowledge base, and transform your instruction as you build-up your culture of STEM in your school or district.

Expanded offerings include a suite of genuinely unique programming. From early college credit opportunities for your students to STEM graduate education and professional development–we have you covered.

Early College Credit Opportunities. Using Design Thinking to Solve Local and Global Issues is a three-credit undergraduate course that allows your students to navigate the ever-changing technologies with more confidence and abilities.

With this exciting and authentic learning experience, your students will develop the critical thinking skills of a dynamic learner, reflect deeply about their growth through the Design Thinking process, and apply those skills in real-world environments.

Our Three I’s for this program are: Involve yourself within a powerful learning community to develop Innovative solutions that will Impact the local and global community.

Professional Development. Integrative Technologies in Project-Based Learning is a three-credit graduate course that drives your thinking on improving student engagement, building your problem-solving skills, and advancing your decision-making abilities rooted in real-world STEM challenges.

You will better understand how to build upon leading STEM technology to best integrate it into your classroom. The course is instructor guided and self-paced within an academic term so that you can build upon your implementation of PBL on your own schedule.

STEM Graduate Programming. Through our partnership with Southern New Hampshire University, you will have the opportunity to take ownership of your learning by joining us for your graduate education exploration.

Come decide on how you might best impact your STEM classroom, your school, and your students through highly accessible, online learning that doesn’t feel like an addition to your already busy schedule.

Find exciting solutions to overcome local, global, and professional challenges in the context of STEM. Throughout your programming, you will be exposed to Design Thinking, inquiry-based approaches, and project-based learning that makes for an ongoing transformation to your class and practice.