Students start with block-based code (K-2 only) and transition to text-based code utilizing simple robots and machines. Skills and instruction include Python programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science through the application of the robots or self-driving (semi-autonomous) cars.

Students may choose elective courses in their junior and senior year through concurrent enrollment with a nationally acclaimed Coding School and complete the requirement for their certificate shortly after graduation. 

Curriculum Offerings

Grade LevelCurriculumVirtual Offering
K – 2Code Your World (Osmo Coding Kit)
3 – 5Coding With Color (Ozobot)x
Python Coding Basics & Intro to AI (AutoAuto)
6 – 8Algebra-I with Robots (CodeBot-CB2 Rover)x
Communication, Coding, And Mini Sphero (Sphero Mini)x
Introductory Python Course (BBC Micro: bit)x
Python & AI Fundamentals (AutoAuto)x
Python with Robots (CodeBot-CB2)x
9 – 12Algebra-I with Robots (CodeBot-CB2 Rover)x
Coding Foundations (Raspberry Pi)x
Computer Science & Machine Learning (AutoAuto)x
Introductory Python Course (BBC Micro: bit)x
Mastering Python & Data Science Fundamentals (AutoAuto)x
Python with Robots (CodeBot-CB2)x