Students are introduced to the fundamentals of 3D design and work on age-appropriate projects and learn how to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to create their designs. This hands-on program includes the ability for students to develop 3D printed objects from their design work on CAD.

Students begin to become aware of the spaces and things around them as they start designing and creating from curriculum prompts. They develop engineering skills and build on this foundation as they develop more challenging designs and 3D printed models.

Curriculum Offerings

Grade LevelCurriculumVirtual Offering
K – 2Intro to 3D Design (CAD) for 3D Printing (3D Printer)
3 – 5Intro to 3D Design (CAD) for 3D Printing (3D Printer) 
3D Printing: Design, Print, Unlock Imagination (3D Printer) x
6 – 83D Printing: A Pathway to Purposeful Printing (3D Printer) x
9 – 123D Printing Challenge: Solving A Real-World Problem (3D Printer) x