Students start with storytelling and stop motion animation with Stickbots and Toontastic or LEGO® in elementary school. In middle school, they transition into creating and further enhancing their movie and animation skills with motion using video editing. By high school, students use green screens and storytelling techniques to create a great stop motion animation and movies.

Curriculum Offerings

Grade LevelCurriculumVirtual Offering
K – 2LEGO® Movie Making (LEGO® Bricks)
Stop Motion Animation (Stikbots)
3 – 5Discovering Animation (Stop Motion Pro)x
LEGO® Movie Making (LEGO® Bricks)x
U-Tubers Unitex
6 – 8Animation Station (Stop Motion Pro) x
LEGO® Movie Makingx
U-Tubers Unitex
9 – 12Anyone Can Animate (Stickbots, Stop Motion Pro)
U-Tubers Unite x