Students start with an introduction to aviation in kindergarten and transition to physics of flight and flight skills in middle school. Students may choose elective courses in the junior and senior year to enroll in a drone course where students learn the engineering behind a drone, as well as earn their certification. The certification will make the students employable as they leave high school.

Students work both self-paced and in teams and program through challenges, all while gaining an understanding of safety, rules of flight, math, operations, and more. Students learn the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of drone operations as they think about the future.

Curriculum Offerings

Grade LevelCurriculumVirtual Offering
K – 2Drone: Aeronautics (Drone)
Drone: Aeronautics POP (Kit Add-on)
3 – 5Drones: Getting Ready for Flight (Drone)x
Drones: Getting Ready for Flight POP (Kit Add-on)
Drones: Olympic POP (Kit Add-on) 
6 – 8Deploy Drone: Build Your Drone (Drone)x
Drone: Ready for Flight (Drone) x
9 – 12Drone Development (Drone)
License Prep