Education (n.): the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.

Curriculum (n.): the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.

Our Education 4.0 definition

Education 4.0 (n.): preparing students for a world that is multi-dimensional, fast-paced, and global while realizing that the jobs of tomorrow require soft skills, teamwork, and multi-disciplinary approaches to solve the unknown challenges we will face.

Curriculum Focus

Aero_STEM – Take to the sky’s and explore your inner math and science side. Understand how to take flight with drones. Leverage other areas of aerospace technology as we begin exploring space.

3D_STEM – Design your next invention learning spatial awareness and the laws of gravity through Computer-Aided Design (CAD) before watching your idea comes to life under a 3D printer.

IoT_STEM – More and more aspects of our lives are becoming automated and turning to the internet for solutions. Understand logic and sequencing to bring items onto the internet.

Robo_STEM – Design, build, and control simple to complex robots. Learn how to use technology to aid growth and innovation.

Our Approach

Vet – We have the core standards that allow us to vet the STEM/STEAM curriculum. We are highly selective and only distribute curriculum’s that have a high impact on your student’s futures.

Multi-Lingual – ReVisionEd curriculum is already English and Spanish. We are actively working to support additional languages giving opportunities for more students.

Distribute – We have a large network that we work with to get curriculum into the hands of educators, parents, camps, and after-school programs.

Train – Our curriculum’s are easy to implement. We also provide training for all educators so they are ready for anything when working with the curriculum in the classroom.

Support – We support our educators throughout the process, following up with them, answering questions, asking for feedback, and helping in any way they need.

Compete – We provide competitions for those who wish to participate. Hands-on implementation help the student’s prove their knowledge, go further into how a team works and is fun for everyone!