To help you find activities and learning opportunities for your children while in the house during the current challenges, look below for an ongoing list of resources to take advantage of.

If you find resources we are missing, send us the information via our website chat located in the bottom right of the screen. We’d love to add your information!

The information below is broken down by the following:

  • ReVisionEd Partners
  • Nation-wide based resources
  • Special needs resources
  • Lesson plan / Educators
  • Apps
  • Extra-curricular / Fun activities
  • State-based resources

ReVisionEd Partners

Online courses for Python programming & Artificial Intelligence teachers can use to engage students.

Recommended for 6th grade and up

The virtual learning labs combines online learning labs, tutoring, coaching, and a lending library to bring the learning to your home and still connect with other students.

Parent & Teacher coaching available as well.

BuckyBot offers bi-lingual education and coding skills starting at 3rd grade.

Sign up for their at home programming here.

Nation-wide based resources

A wonderful ongoing list of resources for students at home. Includes Educational Programming, Digital Learning, and more!

K-12 support across all subject areas.

Another ongoing list of STEM at-home activities for the kids!

At-home webinars, learning strategies, goal-setting and more while kids are out of school from IXL personalized learning.

Find content for grades K-12

Take your learning out of this world! Home activities for K-4. Currently, lots of resources are free.

Check out the rest of the site for grades 5-12 of additional resources.

Reading and education support for all grade levels.

The PBS Kids app and programs have added to their daily M-F newsletter tips and lessons to engage your children. For ages 2-8

Check out Khan Academy’s resources for coding for all grade levels. They have ongoing support and daily options for kids at home.

At-home learning with schedules, resources, and more.

Recommended for upper elementary and middle school.

Math Nation programs that are free and reduced through the summer for grades 6-8

Various classes and lesson plans around a variety of educational topics for all grade levels.

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings. Amazing Educational Resources.

A comprehensive list showcasing all grade levels.

Educational Opportunities from Home!

A comprehensive list showcasing all grade levels.

Resources for parents and educators while managing home-based learning.

42 Free Online Resources for Schools Shifting Online During Coronavirus

Do you find yourself needing to set up online or virtual classes? Do you need some activities to supplement student learning and keep students active and engaged as learners? Check out Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation for K-12 resources

Mad Science has a whole listing of at home activities to engage in science while at home. Use materials already in your house!

Learning Computer Science at Home — Thunkable Education Resources

talkSTEM is focused on getting STEM lessons and awareness in front of every student.

Check out their YouTube full of content for all ages.

GirlStart focused on Empowering STEM education for girls in school and outside of school.

Find STEM at Home resources & As well as their deSTEMber programming for additional resources and fun ideas.

Firia Labs and CodeSpace have a series of resources for students with their CodeBot at home.


Special Needs Resources

Technology can be a powerful tool to assist students with special needs or any sort of learning challenge. In particular, the Chrome web browser allows users to install a wide variety of web extensions that provide tools that can help all learners, regardless of ability level.

We hope this resource guide will assist educators and school practitioners in developing comprehensive plans for students with disabilities and creating effective and high-quality learning environments for all during this evolving national transition.


Lesson plans / Educators

Math Video Lessons for Remote Teaching by Edpuzzle.

Lessons for grades K-8

The University of Texas PD department has compiled a list of resources to help with remote instruction.

CodeMonkey is offering full access to their programs so teachers can connect with their students while at home.

Educators can get a Foundations of Blended Learning Course.

Find out how TEA will offer reimbursements on the UTeach website.

Tips to support STEM education for teachers and parents.

The National Science Teaching Association is offering a free 30 day membership to teachers with access to digital learning resources.

For educators and parents to help with hands-on engineering activities.

Link Engineering is an educator exchange with convent for Pre K-12


A simple, free app for you to facilitate Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs) in your classroom


Extra-Curricular / Fun Activities

The Milk Street Cooking School is online and offering free classes. While you’re at home, have some fun in the kitchen with the whole family!

Astronauts reading kid stories from space!

Brahms Piano Concerto, Carl Nielsen, SSO, Seattle Symphony, Thomas Dausgaard Nielsen & Brahms Piano Concerto

Fill your home with music from the Seattle Symphony. Free broadcast of performances by signing up on the site.

Activities you can do anytime with our without being stuck at home. Great ideas for the summer months!

When you need to turn to Netflix. Educational Netflix shows to entertain and engage.

The list covers all grade levels.

An internet resource if you’re looking for ways to keep your family engaged and on track through the extended home-stay.

A great post (more on the link) about ways to get creative at home!

Paris Museum shares thousands of images for public use without restrictions.

Samueli Foundation, through our scholastic esports effort, NASEF, has pivoted its way and developed these past few days a means to provide students around the country the opportunity to engage on a free, monitored, safe online esports platform, coupled with STEM-based learning opportunities using the modules we have created.

A daily list of virtual field trips available for the whole family. From the Space Shuttle Discovery to the Van Gogh Museum.

Check out the list for a new field trip each day Monday – Friday.

a boy is wearing a cap with sunglasses on, one hand raised high and looking up

The 21 Day STEAM Challenge. Find STEAM in everyday life.

Activities for all ages.

Online activities and events to keep your kids active and creative while at home.

Bringing Hogwarts to you – A Harry Potter at home hub with contributions from national educational resources.


State-Based Resources


Texas TEKS aligned 3rd-grade lesson plans for parents and/or teachers by Dr. Carmen Cruz.

Texas TEKS aligned 4th-grade lesson plans for parents and/or teachers by Dr. Carmen Cruz.

The TACC has resources for High School students and Educators for teaching computer science during the transition to school at home.

All offerings meet Texas Education standards but are available to any student/educator.

Use the explorer zone to learn about new worlds.

Educators can find TEKS approved curriculum for K-8

Ongoing information from Austin ISD pertaining to COVID-19