Gabriel Krizin

Founder & CEO

Jason Freshly

Co-Founder & COO

Dr. Angel Durr

Director of Data Strategy & Science

Justin Jewell

Director of Educational Services

Alain Mota

Director of Implementation Design Strategy & Researcher

ReVisionED Committment to You

Vet – We have the core standards that allow us to vet the STEM/STEAM curriculum. We are highly selective and only distribute curriculum that has a high impact on your student’s futures.

Multi-Lingual – ReVisionED curriculum is already in English and Spanish. We are actively working to support additional languages giving opportunities for more students.

Distribute – We have an extensive network that we work with to get curriculum into the hands of educators, parents, camps, and after-school programs.

Train – Our curriculum is easy to implement. We also provide training for all educators so they are ready for anything when working with the curriculum in the classroom.

Support – We support our educators throughout the process following up with them, answering questions, asking for feedback, and helping in any way they need.

Compete – We provide competitions for those who wish to participate. The hands-on implementation helps the students prove their knowledge, go further into how a team works, and is fun for everyone!


Gabriel Krizin, CEO

Jason Freshly, COO

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Dr. Angel Durr,

Justin Jewell

Shea Mackin,

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Alain Mota,

Dana Krizin,

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Ryan Henning

Brooke Myers

Dr. Joyce Rigelo

Ryan Henning’s background is in Computer Science and Data Science. In graduate school, Ryan researched deep neural networks (“deep learning”) for image processing and classification, using them to detect pediatric cancer in photos of children. His team deployed a neural network in 2014 in a free iOS app to help parents detect images in their photo albums. Their work has been published in several research journals such as Science Advances (Munson, et al., 2019), as well as covered by several major news outlets such as NPR (Chemist Turns Software Developer After Son’s Cancer Diagnosis, 2014). Ryan also worked as the Principal Data Scientist in healthcare, specifically at the headquarters of 9 hospitals in Texas. Ryan is currently the CTO responsible for the AutoAuto products technologies.

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Joyce’s earliest passion is the “M” in STEM, that is, Mathematics. She is also a programmer and a data scientist; she has worked both in academia and industry modeling patterns through Bayesian frameworks and Machine Learning algorithms. She obtained her Ph.D. in Mathematics while researching Fluid Dynamics and Statistical Computing. Following her Ph.D., Joyce was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas at Austin. During Dr. Rigelo’s time in academia and industry, she also gained experience in STEM education by developing and testing curricula, as well as advising and teaching students ranging from 3rd grade to Master’s level. Moreover, for the past five years Dr. Rigelo has led the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence curricula development of the AutoAuto products.