Get the Spanish language help you need with our partnership through Spanish Academy. Teachers & Students can enroll in solo (or small group) home lessons and school districts can enhance the Spanish language offering within their schools.

Through their accredited programming, complete Spanish language programs over the course of a school year. Some schools may offer credit for the classes taught through Spanish Academy.

Students gain first-hand experience of Latin American culture, broadening their global perspectives, and building impactful relationships with highly-motivated, professional Spanish teachers. Each program is customizable to fit the student’s needs, abilities, and interests, inspiring students to engage more deeply and learn Spanish more effectively.

Programs are built with childhood development in mind, with a customized curriculum based on the student’s age, abilities, and interests. Our preschool program is for students ages 5-6; the elementary program is for ages 6-10; middle school is for 10-13; high school is for 14-18; our adult programs are for 18+.

In addition to students, we serve teachers, school counselors, administration, and staff through tailored, one-one virtual classes designed to teach or improve necessary Spanish conversational skills. Each class builds your fluency and confidence, allowing you the engage with native Spanish speakers on a much deeper, more effective level.


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