Creative Solutions in
Changing Environments

The Future of Learning

We’re helping you re-think what students and children need to win tomorrow. The curriculum through ReVisionED gives students the chance to collaborate, face challenges, and overcome obstacles.

Students learn beyond the lesson plan and continue to develop critical thinking skills to solve problems independently of a team but still rely on the team for overall success.

Professional Development & Onboarding further contribute to the success of teachers and educators.

Physical, Virtual, and everything in between

With all the changes of our present educational needs, it’s more important than ever to create a hybrid and customized solution to meet each educational organization.

Our curriculum and programs are ready to launch for the in-person classroom, virtual learning, and new in 2020, our simulation environments.

We’re making sure our solutions give you and your students the tools to succeed.


Curriculum Categories

The following STEM category list below gives an overview of our curriculum options. For a more in-depth overview along with average pricing, please check out our Curriculum Catalog and download a copy.


Aeronautics STEM
Start with introducing aviation in lower elementary and finishing high school with a drone operator license as a student navigates our k-12 programs.


Artificial Intelligence STEM
AI focuses on providing constraints and controlling the environment’s input/output to understand how data is used today. The curriculum gives hands-on and tangible ways to engage with the materials.


Animation STEM
Through storytelling, students bring imagination to life and work through analog and digital tools to create and work with prompts.


Augmented & Virtual Reality STEM
Bring the 2D world to life with technology. Explore spatial awareness and understand the key features of using AR & VR to engage with your environment.


Computer-Aided Design STEM
Students see their ideas & imagination come to life online and in-person through drawing and printing in 3D.


Cybersecurity STEM
The need for cybersecurity continues to grow in importance. Students are immersed in techniques of safety and security to learn how the internet is protected.


You can’t get away from data, so how do we take our surroundings and understand them? Students dive into data from many angles to engage in the potential of their environment.


Mobile Development STEM
For the kid at heart and lover of video games, understand the behind mobile gaming scenes while creating your own!


Programming STEM
See how the digital and technical world connects through programming languages and tangible applications or robots.


Robotics STEM
Dive into robots’ details and learn how they engage their world while learning new skills to give the robot more abilities.


Our Focus on Educators

We are working with you to provide top-notch training and resources for all our curriculum, giving you the tools you need in the classroom.

Access our Professional Development created in collaboration with key educational partners that ensure the highest quality learning for your toolkit.

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